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Immersion Assembly Recount

Immersion Assembly Recount

WALT: recount a personal experience using correct sentence punctuation and sentences which make sense to the reader.

PLANNING: You now have 5 minutes to add the keywords to your plan. Do not write any sentences in the boxes below.

Orientation (Introduction): How will you hook the reader?

Who?Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 and Team 5.

What?They had some activity to do.

Where?In the hall.

When?Today on monday The 30 of April.

BODY: Describe what happened.

Paragraph 2 (3-4 sentences)

School Theme for Term 2:

Team 1:they had to ture and push the rock so they can go.

Team 2:they were bring there bikes to school.

Team 3 :there were dancing on the park and the bridge.

Team 5:They did a tug of war against each other.

How did each of these teams share their inquiry topic?with a movie each

Paragraph 3 (3-4 sentences)

Team 4 Inquiry Topic:

How did the Team 4 teachers share this? They were trying to see what can fly.

Paragraph 4 (3-4 sentences)

Write about your favourite item from assembly. My favourite one was team 4 they tried to fly the plane but it flipped over.

Conclusion (Summary)

What do you want to/hope to learn about?how to fly a plane

What do you think about the new term theme overall?it was amazing

Is this different to how you felt before the assembly?yes

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentences:

I know I have been successful writing because my recount:


Has an orientation to tell who, what, when, where.


Recounts the experience in paragraphs in the order the events happened.


Shares my feelings about the experience at the end.


Is written using verbs in the past tense (I saw, I walked, I felt).


Has sentences with capital letters and full stops.


Get feedback from a buddy.

Create a drawing/image or add a photo.

Share your writing and image on your blog:


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On monday the first day of term 2 all of pt england school went to the hall to see what was our topic for this term and it was i like to move it.So first was team 1 They went for a trip to the beach but a car was blocking them so they tired pushing it but they could not push it away so they thought of some idea but they could think of superwoman trying to push the rock.So one of them thought of getting a big stick and jumping on it and then it worked.

Then it was team 2 turn they were racing around and were bring they bike’s to school but they were not allowed to bring their bike to school.There were distring this lady.Then the lady come to them and go away Mr jackson these not want you to see his bike broken so they went away then they come back with a trolley and they were skating all around the stage then the lady come again and said go away then they went away.After that they come back again with bike skateboard and all does other stuff then they went on it and one of the teacher’s almost fall of her skateboard then they were talking about they actity and then it was done.

Then it was team 3 turn and it was so funny and fun they got to go to other places and dance like the park the bridge and all the other places.They were dancing to the Lazy Siren jam and it was cool .They were dancing on the wood and it looked scarer to dance on it because you will fall of and then they were running around and dancing like crazy people.but they dance were cool.

After it was our team.Team 4 .We saw then trying to do a plan to build it and then they got a plan then Mr Goodwin was like team 4 on three one two three but no one did it but Mr Goodwin so they went off and built it and it was was cool they showed us a little video about people creating stuff and flying of it and and go with there object’s and it was funny and fun to watch.Some of them fall and hurt themself.So we tried it and it flipped over it was so bad.

After team 4 it was team 5 they did a tug of war and it was cool they got to verse the sis sis faces and it was so funny. Then they did the tag of war and it was cool and the sis sis faces won then they had to wear gloves and the other group were wearing garden gloves and the other group were wearing plastic gloves and then the did the tag of war and the other group won and then sis sis faces and some changer they wanted to put dishwashing on their gloves and then they did the tag of war and the other group won and then it was done and then we had to go back to class to start off the day.

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