Monday, 12 December 2016

Book reading

Today the whole of team and 3 went to the hall to do some fun stuff. It was so amazing with Mr Moran because he played a game with us and it was a whisper game. Mr Moran said something to Leah and Leah said something to Deejay and Deejay said something to Ozzy.  Then Ozzy said something to Joseph and Joseph said something to Bradley and Bradley said something to me and I said something to Phoenix. Then Phoenix said something to Sivaenah and Sivaenah said it out loud. She said that Mr Moran had giant muscles. The first part was when we were at Miss Davis and she had a book with no pictures.  She had to say do I have to turn the page around and we all said yes and she kept saying do I have to turn the page around and we all said again yes yes yes. It was my favourite because the story was interesting.  Thank you to all the teachers for reading to team 3. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My year in room 15

My best thing this year is when the Tamaki College people came and sang songs for us. It was so so beautiful and amazing. I saw my brother at the back sitting on the chair and I was looking at him and he was looking at me too. My other best thing was when we did cross country. The year 1s went, then the year 2 went and then it was the turn of the year 3. Then the year 3 boys went and then the 3 girls went.

It was also fun doing Scratch with Mrs Belt. She is amazing at doing Scratch with room 15. It was amazing doing swimming with the instructor and Mrs Belt was a instructor too for swimming. I think she is amazing at swimming in pools. It was amazing at prize giving for the netball team because I was in the netball team that was called Besties and Sivaenah and Mia were in my netball team. My coach and Manager was Miss Timmy and Mr Moran. They were the best coach and manager ever, the best best coach and manager for 2016 netball team.