Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Today we did maths and we had to do DMIC. We had to change groups and and we had to work it out as a group. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018


Today we did DMIC and we all worked it out together. Today's problem was there were 63 students and there were 28 buses.So we had to work it out. How much people can fit in the buses.   

Friday, 2 November 2018

Recount 2 Your Memory back then

Saturday me and my Family and My whole church went down to Hastings. We went there for our Sunday school.It was a long long long ride we stop at a Ice Cream shop but it was close so we said if anyone needs to go to the toilet go now because it is going to be a long ride so some of us went.Then we were off.We had to go to Taupo Rotorua and all those other was 5 hour and 29 minutes to get there.So we got there and we had to stay at this cook island hall and it was big so we had to unpack our stuff.Then we walked around the area.Then we had to go and have dinner and then sleep.Then it was the next day then the next day.After that when it got to Friday we all got in our swimming clothes we had to go in the vans to splash planet it is a big swimming pool with lots of stuff like the slide it was so tall and the bumper cars that was in the water.After that me and my cousins went to the bumper cars and it was fun we were bumping off each other and it was funny.Then we went to the big slide and it was fun.One of the slide had no cover over it and one did so I went to the one that had a cover and it lead me to a big pool then when it was my sister and my cousins turn they all stop for each other in the slide so they all went down together and the lady said to them you have two chance because they weren’t allowed to do that so we were there for the whole time then we went to the slide that was inside and it was fun and scary.After that we went to the lazy slide and it was so fun and then me and my cousins tried to go the other way but we couldn't .Then it was time to go to the hall and all of us were talking about what were their favourite thing about splash planet then we got there and me and my sisters and my cousin and my mum went to the shopping centre and my mum gave us money to spend.Then we went to the market and we bought lots of stuff.Then we went to the fish and chips shop and we bought chips and it was yummy.After that we had dinner and it was yummy and we had to do the prayer and then eat and then we played cards with my aunt and my cousins then we went to sleep and then when it was the next day we were playing rugby at the back field and it was fun and funny at the same time.Then we walked around and then we went in the van and went around and around and we saw lots of things then we went back to the hall and we were playing cards with my cousin and me and my girl cousin won then we had to go and pack our stuff and then have dinner and then go sleep.The next day we had to put all our stuff in the van and clean the hall and it was so fun and then we had to go back.After that we stop at taupo to go toilet but at the toilet we had to pay 50 cents to enter in then we went to the park for a little while and then we were off to look at the beach and after we went and it was a long long long ride.Then we got to Auckland and we all had to go to out church and rest and my aunt and my cousin were playing cards and we were laughing so hard because it was funny and then my cousin went to bye chips and drinks and then my brother came with the car with our dog because he didn’t go to Hastings then we got home and slept and it was so fun .I wouldn’t ever forget that memory ever again.

That Really Stinks.

Characters:Sam,Sister Alligator monster
Setting:Toilet And The sewage water
Problem:The monster took Sams sisters phone away.

4.Fast finisher?
Write the ending for the story. So when Sam was hiding at the back of the rock he was looking at the monsters looking at the phone so he walked up to them and punch them and then took the phone and ran back home and went to the bathroom and then played the game again.

Write the beginning of the story to go with the movie.
In the beginning Sam was in the bathroom playing on his sister phone and he was on a app that was a farting app he was laughing and laughing and the monster heard him so the monster came up and sneak at the back of Sam's back.Then the monster took the phone of Sam and went down the toilet then Sam flush himself and saw the monster so he went on a alligator and saw the monster and then went where the monster was THE END.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Urban Art

This is my reading project I have to do some work and draw a photo of URBAN ART.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Today we had to DMIC we had to mix groups so we did this problem.