Friday, 6 July 2018


This is our bridge that we made it was fun to do we had a competition and it was fun and we got to play and run and it was fun

Monday, 2 July 2018

Animation Voice Over


Write out your voice over using paragraphs, ready to post on your blog. Begin by Copying and Pasting from the boxes above. Then read through it and fix it up (edit) to make sure it makes sense.

Hello my name is Zoe and this is my animation that i create.Once a upon a time there was a pig that was on the airplane and some people in the plane, they were going to samoa and when they landed at samoa they did not want to stay there.
Now I will be talking about the forces of flight.

Lift makes the airplane go up.

The force of the engine creates thrust.
Drag is the force that can slow a plane down.

Weight is the force that can make a plane go down.
Now the plane as landed at the airport.

so they went to tongan and they were so hot ,they were going to burn and when they were going to leave the pig fell off the airplane.Then the pig was walking and jumping and then he saw the airplane and he jumped on the airplane and went with the airplane and never come back again.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Harbour Bridge

This is our harbour bridge Interview that we did with Mrs Sorenson. It was about the Harbour bridge in Auckland.I hope Mrs Sorenson liked it and Thank you to Mrs Sorenson

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Skydiving Imaginative Recount

On a sunny day me and my friends decided to go skydiving. So we went to the airport and we asked them for an air plane and they said we have only one.It was a Jet and we said yes we would take it and we asked how much was it and he said it is $2000.00 for it but we had only $1000.00.So we saw my uncle and i asked my uncle for $1000.00.Then my uncle gave me $1000.00 and then we got the jet.Then we got a pilot and we were ready to go up so we went up and up in the sky and we were all scared because the jet was going upside down.We had to get in our clothes and our skydiving shoe’s and then we got ready to go and then we were all scared.After that we had to stand at the door.Next we had to go one by one.Then we jumped off and it was so cool we could smell the gas of the Jet and it smelled yucky. Then we were diving and diving and we saw the cloud it looked like cotton candy and candy floss and i wanted to eat it because it looked yummy but we couldn't so we went down and down and my heart felt like it was going to stop because i was going fast and then i was going slow and my parachute came up and i got shocked because it come up out of nowhere and then i was going down and down with my friends and it was so cool and we almost hit the rock and then we got to the ground.When we got to the ground,it was so cool to be back on the ground and when i was landing I was running a bit and it was cool.Then all of us fell on the ground because we were tired of diving.Then we had to talk about our favourite thing about skydiving and i said when we were in the jet and my friends said when we jumped off the jet and then we went home and first i said that was the coolest and scary thing i have ever done.It was so scary and cool.