Tuesday, 4 December 2018

DMIC 1 Problem 1 Week 8 Term 4

Today we did DMIC it was about 3d shapes and 2d shapes we worked it out how many ways can we fold a rectangle. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Animation Voice Over.

  • Hi My name is Zoe and this is my animation about cave art.Long long ago there was a dog in the middle of no where.So some hunting people come and wanted to eat so they saw a dog and got there stuff out and then they raced to the dog and then the dog ran away because he was scared then the dog ran to the forest and then he was crying and then the hunting people heard him and turned back and then the dog ran to the beach and they were trying to get him but he was to fasted but the where surrounding him and then he got stuck in the middle and then one of the hunting people throw the sword and then the dog died then they went home and walked and walked then they put on the oven and cooked him. 10 minutes later the meat was cooked and then they took the meat to the king and the king eat it and he said mhhhh. Thanks for watching hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Animation,Cave Art

This is my animation about Cave art it is all about hunting people and a animal.


Today we had to write a poem that rhymes so I did two and these are my poems.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Keyhole Narrative 2

Keyhole Narrative

One day my friends and I went on a trip.We went on a long long trip.We went to this place that had a mountain in the air and a mouldy old house and a little bench on the side of the road.We tried going up to the house on the mountain but we could not reach it.But lucky we had a air balloon and then we landed on the mountain and we all were scared but we just went in.When we went in we show lots of scary stuff.Then we walked around and around the house and there was a big backyard and we were still all together but Oalii was gone so we started to look for her and she was trying to look for us to but we started to look and look again and again but she was not there.But when we were in the house looking for Oalii we heard a sound and then we thought it was Oalii but it was a cat he was so hungry and lonely so we took the cat and searched for her again and again but she was still not there. So we thought Oalii will not like scary stuff so she might be sitting down outside because she doesn't like scary stuff so we went outside and looked for her and she was sitting on the ground lonely.So we ran to her and said Oalii are you okay is anything not okay and she said yes everything is okay so we went back down and never went there again so we all went back home.The End

Intro Writing,

Tavola Lava my name is Zoe.This term pt England school is doing tewa toi it is all about art.Me and my friends are excited to start painting and start doing some art.We have to try and achieve our goals to be an artist.We get support from our teachers by reading and by writing.We get help by reading to show what we have to do for art.Art is something that you could do every day.