Friday, 16 March 2018

Year 5/6 Camp 2018

Last week we had camp at school.I had a great time at camp with my friend's.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Task 2

Practice Work

This is my practice work that I did with Nina 

Beginning of 2018

What does it mean to be respectful?

What respect means? Respect means helping others and being kind.
Care about others and be kind to others.
Help our’s in the classroom and be kind to them.
Care about the school and help the school look nice and perfect.
PARAGRAPH 4 (Optional)
Help our community and look after it and care about it.
What repecst mean? Respect means care about others.

You may want to begin writing here, rather than into the boxes above:

Respect is being kind to your friends and helping them and showing love to them and being kind to them and pick them up when they are hurt.

Respect means helping others and being kind and being kind to the classroom and caring about other people in the classroom and helping them when they are stuck with something.

Be respectful of the school and make our school look nice and perfect and be kind to all the teacher’s in the school and be nice to all the kids.

Care about our community and pick up rubbish and be kind to our community and be respectful of our community and be respect of others when you see them and just say hello to them and goodbye to them.

Care about your family and help them when they don’t know what to do then help her or him and be kind to them and care about your family and be nice to them and love them.

Care about your church and be kind to it and care about your church members and take care of them and be kind to them and love them and be nice to them.

Care about the whole world and help them when they are lost and be kind to them and be nice to them and love them as your brother and sister.

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