Monday, 30 October 2017

what's the time Mr wolf

My writing about a game called what's the time Mr wolf.So the pav and Mr Moran and Mrs Moala went outside to play what's the time Mr wolf.It was so fun.

One sunny day the pav and Mrs Moala and Mr Moran went outside to play a game and it is called what’s the time Mr wolf it was so fun that we got to play it.So we stand up and lined up in two straight lines it was the boy’s line and the girl’s line.After that we tippy toed to the bottom grass and played there.Mr Moran was the bad wolf and Sivaenah had to say what’s the time Mr wolf and we had to creep quietly he said with his big mouth 3:00 and he looked around to see who was moving and some of us went back like me Maddi Jane Nina Jerry Ozzy and Sione and all these other people and some of us was so close to getting the bad wolf’s back but he turned around and he looked back and saw that person in front of him was moving and it was central so Mr Moran said to her to go to the back because she moved.  So Sivaenah said it again what’s the time Mr Wolf and he said 5:00 and he looked again to see who was moving and it was some other people that was moving so I was so close to getting the bad wolf and then Sivaenah said it again and she said what’s the time Mr Wolf and he said with his strong mouth 7:00 and Jane and Oalii got him and when Oalii and Jane got them Sivaenah said it again and he said dinner time and he eat some of us but not for real’s.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Cousins sleepover

   Today my cousin's come over to stay with us for 2 weeks because their mum was leaving to Samoa. We played inside the room for a while before deciding to play volley outside. We enjoyed playing with each other. We then ate some chocolate.Then we played volley and had so fun it was so amazing and awesome.God bless Emma and Gsase and Mele god bless well they are staying with us for two 2week's and god bless there mum and there two little brother' is some photo of them with us  taking photo and it is on the bottom. Thank you for looking at it.

Load of junk

This is my activity with a movie about trash and it is called LOAD OF JUNK.LOAD OF JUNK is lot of staff where you throw away.
                                    A Load of Junk

What does she need to do to have more room for her furniture?
To put all of the stuff that she put in and take it out
Why does Dad not think it’s junk?
Because some thing are good for them
What will happen with the junk?
They take it to the dumpster and they smash it down and it goes in a box.
What was Mum doing while Dad was emptying the load?
Mum was loading junk onto the ute
What happened once they unloaded the junk?


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Athletics Race

This Morning on a sunny sunny day we went outside to did some athletics. Athletics is so fun and caned of funny and there is some photo's and 1 video of us playing.

On a sunny sunny day the Pav and Mr Moran and Mrs Moala  lined up and was ready to go down to the concrete to rock and roll  for athletics but before that we had to sneak through all the classes to go on concrete to sit down.  After that the girl’s and I had to stand up in a line and get ready to run for Mr Moran to clapped the run starter. I was so scared that I had  butterflies in my stomach. Next me and the girl’s had to stand up to Mrs Moala and see who was the top 4. After Mrs Moala picked the top 4 it was the other girl’s team to stand up in a line and  and sprint to Mrs Moala . Mrs Moala had to pick the top 4 girls again and then it was the boys team  they had to stand up in a line and wait for Mr Moran to clap the run starter. After Mr Moran clapped  the run starter they sprinted so fast but Mrs Moala had to pick the top 4 boy’s. At last after all that race it was the final’s and the girl’s and boys had to do the crab walk  and Mr Moran tricked them from doing a crab walk from sprinting and Mr Moran was in to. So Mr Moran gave the run starter to Francis to clap it and they all did it.  They were all struggling how to do it and they did not give up and  in 1st place it was Mr Moran our teacher and in 2st place it was John and in 3st place it was Sifa and in 4st place it was Maddi and after that  funny crab walk with them struggling and with our teacher playing to we had to line up in a straight line and head back to class and had to still sneak in a straight line and back to class to get some hard work done.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Maths Fractions

This is my maths it is about fractions.We have to share it in group's.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


This is my game that is so so amazing and fun and it is a moana game that you have to fight the little Kakamora. These button move moana or maui for the danger's Kakamora.  


This is my writing about music.Cause now Pt England's Topic for this term is MUSIC MADNESS and there is some video's and photo's of our teacher's being silly.                                                                     One sunny day after all the beautiful holidays we were going to the assembly.  The pav and all the school walked with their two strong feet and headed to the assembly.  After that we got to the hall and there were special people that was singing a beautiful song to us.Then after all that beautiful song that they sing to us we said a pray so god can bless us.  After that blessed prayer we had some video’s of our silly teachers.We had team 1’s video they were singing songs and playing card’s.Soon it was going to be team 2’s band.Then we had team 2’s band with Mrs Gaston singing in the start. Then we had team 3’s video the pav and the other teachers like Miss Davis and Miss Eadie and Miss King.The pav and all the other teachers were doing a movie about .The best teacher in team 3 is Miss King. Next it was team 4’s video they were the only one  that was so so silly that they made Mr J go silly two.Finally and not least we had team 5’s video they were the only one that was having a movie. A great movie. It was about the mighty lion king that was brave to stand up to his family and all his family bell down to he.After all that silly video’s the year 1’s stood up and headed to their classes and another band came out and it was the same people like Mrs Nua Mr Jacobson and Mr Wiseman and Mr S and Mr Burt.After we went outside of the hall and into our classroom’s to get some work done and now it is all about music.Now our topic is MUSICAL MADNESS FOR THIS TERM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THANK YOU FOR READING MY WRITING

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Algebra Shape Patterns

This is my shape pattern. It is just like music how music has patterns in them. I sat down with my friend Nina and we did the activity.