Wednesday, 18 October 2017


This is my writing about music.Cause now Pt England's Topic for this term is MUSIC MADNESS and there is some video's and photo's of our teacher's being silly.                                                                     One sunny day after all the beautiful holidays we were going to the assembly.  The pav and all the school walked with their two strong feet and headed to the assembly.  After that we got to the hall and there were special people that was singing a beautiful song to us.Then after all that beautiful song that they sing to us we said a pray so god can bless us.  After that blessed prayer we had some video’s of our silly teachers.We had team 1’s video they were singing songs and playing card’s.Soon it was going to be team 2’s band.Then we had team 2’s band with Mrs Gaston singing in the start. Then we had team 3’s video the pav and the other teachers like Miss Davis and Miss Eadie and Miss King.The pav and all the other teachers were doing a movie about .The best teacher in team 3 is Miss King. Next it was team 4’s video they were the only one  that was so so silly that they made Mr J go silly two.Finally and not least we had team 5’s video they were the only one that was having a movie. A great movie. It was about the mighty lion king that was brave to stand up to his family and all his family bell down to he.After all that silly video’s the year 1’s stood up and headed to their classes and another band came out and it was the same people like Mrs Nua Mr Jacobson and Mr Wiseman and Mr S and Mr Burt.After we went outside of the hall and into our classroom’s to get some work done and now it is all about music.Now our topic is MUSICAL MADNESS FOR THIS TERM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            THANK YOU FOR READING MY WRITING

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