Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Once upon a time there was to people that were in New York. Their names were Abigail and john. They were both at the market because there were going to buy something. Then they saw each other. John and Abigail were best cousins when they were little they also play on the park. They were jumping and jumping. Then they were both older and they played played on the park all day. John and Abigail played on the park when it was night time then they had to do all the dishes it take them to the dishes a minute and 1 hour to do it. Then it was the morning they do not wake up again because they done the dishes when it was nighttime. 

Monday, 28 November 2016


On Friday room 15 made milkshakes. The ingredients were milk, peaches and vanilla ice cream and the equipment were spoons and electric blender and cup. It was so yummy and tasty. We all went in 1 group so we can make the milkshake. It was so amazing doing it with our teacher. It is awesome and amazing. I really really love it because I loved the peaches. It is amazing to have a baking teacher with us. I hope room fifteen can do it again but with Mrs Belt. When I first drank it was so so so yummy and tasty. Milkshakes are fun to make with baking teachers because they are so so amazing and awesome to make milkshakes. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Making Mousse

What ingredients did we need to make mousse?
We need chocolate mousse and strawberry and milk. 
We need measuring jug and 
electric mixer and cups 
and cups and spoons. 
What happened when we added the ingredients?
When you add the powder it dissolves after we stirred it really hard. It dissolved into little bubbles. When we stirred the bubbles it turned around into big bubbles.. 

What did we learn?
When we put solid powder it
changed into liquid and then 
It changed into solid. It can not be changed back again. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Maths week 6


Yesterday we learnt about Chromebooks with the Year 4s and we learnt about dinosaurs. Mrs Belt took photos of us when we were doing work with the Year 4s. Then when you finished watching the movie there were some questions. Then you have to go to the next page. When you finished all the pages you could play all the games in Friv or Maths Whizz or Cool Maths Games. I played Fireboy & Watergirl.  It was amazing and awesome because we played games and my partners were Sonia and Lillyana and Quincess. They were fun and funny. They were amazing partners and buddies. I wish that I was in that class so I can get a chromebook. Then we all went back to class. Then we all went home. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

At Samoa

At Samoa we went shopping on the first day. We buy lots of yummy chocolate and lollipop. It was so funny and fun. When my mum went outside my nana was crying. It was my nana birthday on the 32 of October. She was happy that it was her birthday. We went even more shopping at Apia for my nana and papa so they can eat.We ate food and drinks. On November the 11 it was my birthday and I turned 8 years old. For my birthday I ate McDonald's I had cheese burger and chips and a large Coca-Cola. The chips was big.when I ate like 15 chips I was so full. I do not want to ate again. We went to the nets restaurant to ate but I was so full so I drank my then I was not full. I ate my chips and the I was full the I give it to my sister. Then we went home then the next day it was time to come back to New Zealand. My mum was crying because she want to stay with her. But when we were going my aunt gave me and my sister 100 dollars  We went on the plane and it was amazing and awesome on the plane it take 3 hours. Then we got to New Zealand. It was take  forever to go outside because the gate was closed. So we had to wait and wait for 2 minutes. Then the gate open. Then we went outside then we have to go to this place where you have to show your passport. It take forever again because there was so many people. This is why we had to take forever. Then we went in the path and we saw my sister's and my dad. I was so happy to see my sister's and brother and my best dad. Then we went home and I saw my kitten again.