Monday, 3 July 2017

Frosty and the BMX kid

Lest we forget

Follow up activity  

Why do we have Anzac day?
Because it is the people who die  
When did the war start?
25 april 1915
Why was the Anzac button so important?
Because when they die they know where they dad is
Why did the war affect many families?
Because there family die
Why do we say “Lest we forget”?
So we can remember them  
What does ‘ANZAC’ stand for?
Australia new zealand Army Corp
How do we show our support for the soldiers that went to war for us?
We went and went to there Grave
What did Ella find in her jacket?
Her dades photo

Below you are going to write a letter to a Soldier named Dave, this man went to war for his country.  Write a letter telling him what you’d like to say.
Thank you for going to the war for new zealand we all love you and we will miss you.  

The village

Once a upon a time there was a old village that was right in the corner of the street. There small people and big people that was at the village so I walked and I saw some people going in there house so i went in and I ask them if I could come in and they said yes so I went in and had some food of there food and it was so yuuuuum and nice so i saw some other people going to there house so I ran and I smelled some food for the kitchen and it was so yuuuuum and nice and I eat it and it was so so yum so I asked them if I could have some more and they said yes so I eat it and it was so yum and nice then I told them that I was going so I went back home

water dictation

Beach - Free images on PixabayLooking out at the clean glistening blue water. I see a walkway. Suddenly I stop. I think to myself. Would  this be a good idea before giving myself a chance to answer. I find myself jumping onto the slippery log. I skip from log to log. Splash slipping off the log. I land head first into the ice cold water. With all my strength i swim across the water back to the beach. What an adventure.