Monday, 27 March 2017

Relay race

On Monday in the morning at 9:00. Mr Moran writing class went out to the field with him. What we do there is play relay race on the obstacle course. Then we played the game and we had to spin around the relay pole and so we can get dizzy.It was difficult for us to run over the hurdles.We had to go in the hula hoop like a skipping rope.Then we had to go around the cone and we had to sprint back to the star.Then if you are done your turn you have to go to the back and put your hands up on your head and we have to nell down on our knee.  

Zoes letter

To the zoo keeper. We would like to see to you in our classroom at pt England school. We are room 11 and 12. It is a blessing for you to come. Room12 is blessing for you to come. Please come we would real love for you to come. We have been learning about different animals elephants lions hippos rhinos and antelopes. So please come we want to learn more about different animals. The book that we learn about was wild orphans and Zoe babies and that is only two book about please come with some some animals book. From room12