Tuesday, 11 April 2017


On a sunny day at 9:00.Mr Moran and Room 12 went to the park. What we do there was play a game and the game was blindfold we had to have jumpers and hats so we can cover our face. My buddy was Saum. I went first and she went last then we all finish the game and then it was Mr Moran tarn and Sivaenah and Jerry that was Mr Moran buddy. Then they went on the park and played it and when they were on the park they were saying to Mr Moran lift lift lift but the pole was at the right. Then the game was finish and then we all went back to sit down on the grass then we all start to laugh and then we went back to class.

Monday, 10 April 2017

maths work

Insert image of working here. Use whiteboard or book.

Te Taiao o Tamaki

This term team four is learning about picking up rubbish it is important to pick up rubbish because we have to clean environment and save our animals.We all have to do Kaitiakitanga i nag wa katoa so we can protect our land and our people.I have to be a good girl and so I can show Kaitiakitanga i nag wa katoa. We need to pick up rubbish because it will make us sick and we will not be happy. Kaitiakitanga i nag wa katoa means picking up rubbish.

paper plane

In the morning Room 12 went to the Whare fono. Mr Moran went with us to the whare fono. What we do there was playing paper plane.Why we do it so we can find out who can be the Pt England world champion paper plane thrower.Then we played the game.It was boys against girls.Mr Moran went first then a girl went from the girls team.Then we had to move on and on and on and then it was the end of the game and the winner was Siveanah Valeli Tipeloi Nature Victoria Evelyn Saum Mohammed Siakupega MIA DJ Arkar. They were the one that come first.Then it was the finals.Then we keep and keep on going and it was the end of the game it was finished and the winner was.the winner that come 1st place was Valeli and the 2st place was siakupega and the 3 place was Evelyn and the the 4 place was Saum. Then they were going to get a Easter egg from Mr Moran.

going to the beach

On a sunny day i went to the beach to have a good time there. I saw some people on the beach. then i sat down with them.As i sat down on my site i saw some people on the beach making some sandcastle. Then i went to play with them and it was so so so fun playing with them. We were making a lost and lost of sandcastle we were making a house and a castle and PT England school. It was so fun and amazing playing with them.then i went to go and sit down with my family and then we were eating ice-cream and chips and some drink.Then i saw a boat that was stranded in the sea then i broke my unbear and when on the top of it and got the stick and float on the sea then i got there and they were all screaming on the boat and one people saying to me there is a hark under the boat so i went under it and i take the hark off and they were all safe then there was a fire that was on top of the boat then they said got water so that the fire can go away on top of the boat.

Haunted house

The middle of nowhere suddenly i wake up in the middle of the was so freaky. So that why i went into the house and look if there was a thing so i can get back home. So i looked every where if there was a thing. So i looked and looked around everywhere. But there was no things inside the room so i looked outside and there was some skeleton bones. I was so so so scared  so i went back into the house and i looked around and around and around.But there was a little toy that was coming to me.I was so so scared so i jumped and it went to the door then it come to me again  then i open the door then i went outside and i saw 2 graves one was a lady and a man they pass away because no one has looked after them to. It said that they have passed away at 1999 at 2:30 then i went back inside then i looked under the mat then there was a mystery box then i opened it and i found the gold key so i can go back home and it said look at the back there is a door so you can go back home so open it now. Then i opened it and went back home.then i was in my bed at home.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Duffy Books

Today I was very lucky and blessed to get my own Duffy Book.Thanks heaps Duffy