Friday, 28 October 2016

Maths Week 3

WALT: I am learning to solve word problems by identifying the equation.  I am learning to add hundreds, tens & ones

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Reading Week 3

WALT: I can use multiple sources to form an opinion. I can use my knowledge of vowel patterns to help decode unknown words

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Making lemonade

Today we were making lemonade. It was so yummy and decided. It was so so sweet because we put lots of sugar. I want lots of it because it was yummy. I like it because it was sweet and  yummy and fruity. You have first you have to wash your hands. Step 1 you have to squeeze the Lemons in a bowl. Step 2 you have to put sugar in. Step 3 you have to add water. Then mix it then it will go into brown and small yuck. 

Friday, 21 October 2016


Yeast experiment

Yesterday we made yeast with Mrs Belt. The ingredients was warm water and a measuring spoon and yeast and one cup of sugar. When we were finished we have to mix it and then we were smiling it.It was brown and disgusting and yuck.Then we had to put it near the heater and then it will rise up. Then the next day it rise up a little. Our whole class got to do it. It was so amazing and awesome. I think we can do it a near time. It was amazing and awesome how we done science with you Mrs Belt. Science is my favourite thing to do now.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The cave

  Once upon a time there was a spooky scary cave. We had to  go in there to look for my little kitten. We were all scared and we want to go home. I was shaking my hands and my head. When we went in the cave we saw this animal it was a possum we were all scramming so loud but no one could help us. The problem was that there was a  earthquake a had to go and find my kitten. Then I find he and so my and my kitten Joseph had to go back were my friends and my family. Then when I got there the earthquake stop we all went to the water parks. My kitten was shaking because he was cold then I take he to get warm and fresh. It was so amazing and cold. I was screaming so loud.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Friday, 14 October 2016

Maths Week 2

WALT: We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems usingdifferent strategies

Bread Tasting

On Wednesday we  were doing science about bread. It was so so yummy and tasted delicious.   My favourite bread was the croissant. It was the best bread that I ever tasted. We tasted six breads and it  was the best. We all had to take a picture and then put in Explain Everything. Then we went to get the bread that was on our Explain Everything. Then we eat the bread and it so so nice.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes.

At the immersion assembly we saw lots of fun things today. We saw team one’s acting and it was about the witches. It was scary and creepy. When they were washing the house the bell rang. All the witches were going at the back and it was a cake at the back. But my  best best part was how team 5 did the balloons on Mrs Tele'as head. It was so so funny and amazing. I liked  it because when Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom said his name and some of the little kids were  laughing at his name. Then they did the fizzy drink on Miss Berry’s  face.  But  before Miss Berry had to do the fizzy drink on her  face she had to put on the science glass to protect her eyes. They did it two times and it was so so cold for Miss Berry. Then when they had done Miss Berry, they have to do Miss Clarke's  one. Her one is so so cold and fuzzy. She has to not shake for she will get cold and fuzzy. At the end we have to say ch ch ch ch changes. 

Maths week 1

WALT: We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems using different strategies