Friday, 9 September 2016

Amazing sentence

The joyful fantastic woman went safely walking to the hot fantastic beach.    

The poor  little  boy kicked hard  as he can in the  sky and the ball went into the  goal post. 
The cute fluffy dog ate fast and  crazy  and ate the cake.  
The beautiful little  girl went into  an awesome and amazing pool.  

 The  mean  scary friends saw the high fast  sunrise. 


  1. Hello Zoe it's Hannah I love all the details you put into your writing you used interesting words like joyful and fantastic and I mostly like the word crazy that you used when I first heard it I started laughing.😂😂😂😂

  2. Zoe you have grateful drawing lol you are werd.����☄�� Eat this

  3. hi zoe i love all the details you put it your picture i love your writing about the woman waking to the beach all the writing you have doneing on the 9 of the friday from yolanda

  4. Hi Zoe what a beautiful picture I like the stars and all the dark and light colours

  5. Hi Zoe I love your beautiful picture even I like your stars the dark and the beautiful colours