Monday, 7 May 2018

Fia Fia 2018 Recount

On the last day of term 1 were had a fia fia at school we were all excited and happy to perform to our family’s.We had store’s at our school and some of us buyed some food

And it was yummy.Then when it was 6 clock we had to go to our changing room to perform.Then we had to practiced some of our dance so we do not get nervous.Then they called us to go and sit down and once we were sitting down outside we saw the sky and it was getting darker and darker.

Then the performs started and they said let us pray then we prayed and then they said please rock come then the rock band went up and the were singing and they one was about a driving donkey and it was cool and funny

Then after them was the samoan junior group they had a siva samoa and the boys haka and our older boys went with them to do the haka with them and it was cool and cute for the little kids like Mrs Moala son.

Then they finish and then it went on and on.

It take for long for us seniors to wait until it was our turn.Then finally it was the cook island group and then it was the Tongan boys they were so amazing it was cool but we could not sit down and watch we had to go to the back and wait until it was our group the samoan group then they finished and one of the tongan boys stayed and they were dancing and it was funny and then one of the tongan boy stayed and went at the back of the line and then when the other boys went of he started dancing crazy and it was funny

Then it was our group the samoan group we had a siva samoa and it was cool and we used dj twitch song and it was a samoan song and it was cool then of our siva samoa our boys did a haka and it was cool and then they finished and then we had to change and go home and then they said good night and have a good night then went to change and we went home.

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