Wednesday, 7 June 2017

how to fix tires

 Today we had this man and it was Mr Moran s' dad he is a fixer. He is amazing he fixes car when they are broken and he fixes car like he does when he work he is a good fixer and a amazing fixer he showed us some things that he does when he work s' with his friends.He is a great fixer. Then he showed us how to go under the car it was so amazing and cool and we got to see there to dog it was so cute.Thank you to Mr Moran s' dad for taking your time to show us that thank you so much Mr Moran s' dad 


  1. Hi zoe i like what you have done today and I really like it of Msr moran dad it is really nice of the post victoria.

  2. hi zoe it is latisha here i like ever thing that you post ever thing on your blog by by