Thursday, 14 June 2018

Duffy Books.

Thank Duffy for these books that we had for a long time it was a good book and it is my favourite book and it is called Geronimo Stilton it was so sad and,I had to read a chapter of it and it was sad and happy. When Geronimo went to work he got a letter and it was from his Nana so he got it and he read it and it said Dearest Geronimo i am coming to see you,Wednesday morning.There is something we absolutely  must talk about! Love and Squeaks,Aunt Sweetfur. Then he looked at his calendar and she was coming today and it was Wednesday.Then Aunt skipped into his office and she was wearing a lavender dress and a frilly lace collar and she was wearing a silver Heart Shaped locket and it had her lost husband Uncle.Last Thursday She lived in a mouse hole right next to his house.Then he invited his whole family and Nana for dinner.Then he was going to sleep and he said that his Nana was getting old and her memory was not good it wasn't it used to be.But before he checked himself out, The door flew open. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


This is my maths that i did and it is a DMIC problem it is about ML's and it is fun to do.

Maths Practice Problems

This is my maths that i did this was about cm and ml it was hard and easy at the same time and it was fun to do and it was amazing.

A Piece Of Paradise

This is my reading activity that i did with my group it was fun to do it and it was amazing and cool and i hope we get to do this again.HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Matariki Day.

Matariki Day Recount

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WALT: recount a personal experience using correct sentence punctuation and sentences which make sense to the reader.

PLANNING: You now have 5 minutes to add the keywords to your plan. Do not write any sentences in the boxes below.

Orientation (Introduction): How will you hook the reader?

Describe what the WHOLE day was about.

Who?Pt england school

What?Matariki day

Where?At pt england school

When?June 8 Friday

BODY: Describe what happened during the day.

Paragraph 2: Assembly (3-4 sentences)

What was special about the assembly for Matariki?about the an sister’s

Did Mr. Burt (or someone else) say something about Matariki that you felt was important or interesting?Yes the an sister’s that they care for each other.

Paragraph 3: Your Group (3-4 sentences)

What happened happened when you met with your group? It was cool and fun

Who was/were your teacher(s)?Mrs Timmy and Mr Goodwin

What were you going to be doing?Cooking and baking.

Paragraph 4: Your Group (3-4 sentences)

Write about what you create/made. What was the process that you went through?

We made star cookies and Kumara Cooking

And potato and it was yummy and

We put hot chilli sauce on it.

Conclusion (Summary)

How did we end the day?Fun and funny

What was your favourite part of the final assembly?That they were showing some movies about us.

What do you want to/hope to learn about?cooking even when i still know how to cook.

What do you think about the day overall?Fun and excited because we got lollies and i got 5 lollies.

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentences:On a bit of sunny day it was Matariki day and we did not have to do any work.We just got to do fun stuff and it was cool stuff.We got to go in different class and have fun.But first we had to go to assembly to learn about little more work about Matariki.Then we had to do the kids that were being good then they went up and and then came back down then it was lunch box hero then same of the little kids got it and then it was sport’s time for netball and rugby.Then it was finished and we went back to class to see if we were going to stay in class or go in another class.Then i got to go in Mr Goodwin’s class and Mrs Timmy and we were doing cooking and it was fun we had to write our recipe book so we can cook at home and we had to do it after morning tea.But we had to pile the potato and kumara and then we had to ripe it with paper and then leave it for 15 or 20 minute. Then we went to morning tea and we had some fun. Then we had to go back to our class that we were told to go in then we had to squeeze the kumara and potato and cook it and when it was cooked we had to eat it and it was so yummy.After that we had to get some star cookies and decorate it and then put it on the side and eat it or make it dry and then eat it put we ate it and it was yummy the it was lunch time and then we watched some Film festival and it was cool movies.Then we went to lunch and it was a long lunch and it was fun and cool and we got to play and run around and it was fun then it was time to go back to assembly and some of them had to show there stuff that they did and it was so cool and amazing and then we watched some movies that they did and it was fun to watch and then we had to go home and it was fun and cool and i hope we did it again.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

To Miss Salu

Today we had t spilt up into groups so we went to this lady and she was so good and let us to stay with her so i have draw this to Miss Salu for being a great Teacher.This is for you.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Narrative Writing

Water Bucket

Click the picture to watch the video.

Send these animals off on an adventure together. Where are they going? How are they going to get there? How will they know where to go?

Write to narrate (tell) a story about this adventure.

What problem is caused?
How is it solved?

Think about:
where your story is set
who your characters are – what they do, what they say, and how they think and feel
the problem and how it is solved
the order of your ideas and how they are linked.

Remember to:
choose your words carefully
take care with your spelling, punctuation, and sentences
edit – add or delete words or sentences to improve your work.

Planning Space They come by one by one
They were all drinking it they were happy when they drink it.

Start Writing Here:

On a sunny day some animals and insects went to this farm that had a bucket right in the middle of the farm. So first some bees went to drink it and some of it look like they were dying in the water and some of them look like they were drinking.Moving on then the bird come and drink and once he was drinking he told his wife to come and drink and so his wife come to drink with him and they eat they die bees that were in it and then some of the other bees run away. Then a single rabbit came all along by himself and he was drinking and drinking and it was so yummy and nice to drink. Then a roster and his wife came along and drink for a minute and went back home and then it started to rain and then it was the donkey. He was so big his nose could not fit but there was a little hole for his nose to fit and then it was the big bull he was tired of eating so he went to drink some water and when he went to drink the water his nose was had grass and muddy and puddy . Then they all went home to have some rested for another great day.But they could not sleep because the donkey family were running around and then all the animals came outside and then they had a fight but no one was there to stop it then they fighted and fighted.Then the bees were stinging they and then all the animals went to fight the bees and then the man that own them come back for england and said get back in your house and then they all went in there house and never ever come back to drink the water. But only the man went to drink it and then when he went to drink it, he died because it had poison in it and he died real bad then the animals got the phone and called 111 and said we went the ambulance because our owner had died.Then they went to see if he can still be alive but they said sorry he his died then they went to his funeral and they were crying so hard then they all went back home sad.